Это письмо на английском языке я получил еще до 2007 года в ответ на свой e-mail, где спрашивал о происхождении нашей фамилии. Владимир Чуков — известный ученый Болгарии.

Dear Sergey,

Many thanks for your e-mail and interest. Indeed, I have been challenged by the site you made. The only thing I am bothered is that a Russian initiated Chukovs’ discussion forum because it is to the Bulgarians to achieve something like that.

For sure, the name is and remains purely Bulgarian. Undoubtedly, it means hammer (molot in Russian).

Chukov is descended from protoBulgarian tribe geneology and follows its history and migration. As I read you are historical faculty student and it is better to deepen your knowledge about protoBulgarians.

This tribe spread throughout Europe and Asia as far as some families settled in Bulgaria of Danube lead by khan Asparuh. Inversely, the families lead by khan Kuber who migrated to Volga river. In the Southeast European Bulgaria protoBulgarians mixed with Slave population and set forth in 681 today’s Bulgaria. In 9-th century both Bulgarias (Danube and Volga) confessed respectively to Christian and Islamic religion. Thus, the same tribe remained separated by the distance and the religion.

So, the community you think are Turks from Chercassia, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, etc..and are named Chukovs remain purely (proto)Bulgarians Muslims. In 15-th century their prosperious state with capital Kazan had been conquered by Russia.

In 1917 Bulgarian troops (called the Green guards) struggled with the Bolsheviks against the Tzar. Unfortunately, the Communists continued the same politics of genocide. In 1920 Lenin renamed them from Bulgarians into Tartars and Bashkirs and deported them. You have to read Bulgarian National Congress program and history established in 1990. Thus, all these Chukovs murdered by Stalin’s killers in 1940 (as you mentioned) are protoBulgarians in seeking and fighting for their freedom. Russian Communists forged the history and oblitarated a whole nation as they made with many others.

Unlike, you and others Chukovs (Sergey, Alexandre, Nikolai, Grigoriy,

etc…) whose names approve that you are Christians. It seems that your ancestors migrated from Bulgaria of Danube in 18-the and 19-th century due to the Russian-Turkish wars. The same case like Bulgarians from Bessarabia in Moldova.

The only difference is that your ancestors settled in Siberia or elsewhere in Russia. So, the fate made living both groups of Chukovs in the same state — former Communist Empire. The first community stemed from original Volga Bulgaria and is confessing the Islamic religion. The second one, including youself came from Danube Bulgaria and is confessing Christian religion. Thus, you certainly think there is a discrepancy between Russian and nonRussian Chukovs, but the truth is that your ancestors are part of protoBulgarian tribe.

Certainly, Bulgaria remains Chukovs’ motherland. Its stormy history made many of its children migrated throughout the world. So, you went to Russia, others — to the America.

Thus, Chukovs’ history coincides with Bulgarian community fate despite some of them are Russians or Americans. The original name erupted from Bulgaria.


Vladimir Chukov